Mr. Deepak Saraswat

Principal GRD World School, Bhauwala, Dehradun

Mr Deepak Saraswat, BCOM, MSC (CS), MCA, MTECH (IT), BEd has more than three decades of experience in the public-school circuit. a major part of this was at the lawrence school lovedale & army public school dagshai. having secured a position of master trainer it skills by nsdc. He was instrumental in bringing the concepts of life skills to the country besides propagating the idea of emotional intelligence and scientific attitude.

Mr Deepak Saraswat was the ‘HEAD OF DEPARTMENT’ and ‘HOUSEMASTER’ at the lawrence school, lovedale and army public school dagshai. He has a total of 16 years of experience in the public-school circuit. During this period Mr Deepak Saraswat successfully completed the skills development programme in technology based learning.