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Educational Tours & Excursions

Educational Tours and Excursions at GRD World School

Educational tours & excursions are not only the way to refresh and recreate child but also a ways to impart education. We know that boarding life is well disciplined and well scheduled. After a span of period children require some relaxation form this life as they do at their homes. GRD always consider the needs and emotions of students. In our academic calendar, we have provided sufficient space to educational tours & excursion which are arranged according to mental level and age of students. We arrange these tours and excursion in three groups viz first group is classes Playgroup to V, second group is VI to VIII and third group is IX to XII. These groups enjoy and learn many aspects of life from these educational tours & excursions. Qualities of responsibility, sharing, self-dependence, courage, way of handling different critical situation are inculcated through this aspect of our curriculum. These tours are organized by well know tour & travel companies/group to cater the all possible facilities as well as insurance of each child.

These educational tours & Excursions start in the month of October and extend up till December for different groups. Group first and group second generally have one or two days’ tours while group third including boarders having four to five days tours. Parents are informed well before starting of tours. Students on tours are escorted by warden, physical instructors and housemaster/mistress.


Entertainment at GRD World School

Every human being requires some moments of entertainment to forget all the stresses of daily routine. GRD understand the importance of entertainment in student’s life. We have provided the facility of common room in boys hostel as well as girls hostel separately, where they can see cable T.V. as per our schedule given in daily routine. We provide this facility for one hour daily under the supervision of wardens. During this one hour, it is compulsory to see News (Hindi & English) for 15-20 minutes and during rest of the time, they can see comedy, musical programs and cartoons of their own choices.

GRD using theis section of facilities to impart education by watching News to know about the happenings in their surrounding, to enrich their minds with current affairs. Each common room is provided with 40 inches L.E.D. screens, chair and carpets, so that student can feel home atmosphere during this one hour. Some channels which are not of student’s use remain blocked to keep them away from polluted culture. GRD always makes effort to provide healthy environment to every students in its campus.

GRD group also having its own cinema hall in city, when ever some good movies are released comedy, educational, patriotic, our school management arrange special shows for our students. In other means of entertainment school organize adventure camps in school campus, Camp fire, culture performances by teachers, students and other members of school community.