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Chairman's Message

The world needs not only well-educated and intelligent people, but the world also needs them to be courageous and compassionate We need people who extend their hands to help others and stand up for the rights of all mankind.

chairman message of GRD Group of Institution

GRD GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS is a part of my mission, which we ever dreamed to serve our nation. we wish to chairmanbring social reform and we are very much aware with this fact that the flame of education can only bring this change. GRD WORLD SCHOOL is a sapling that I sowed in 1989, it flourished under the guidance of well known educationists and philosophers, it produced the true, talented and honest citizens for my nation. There is a long list of such stars of this institution, who were ignited here and now illuminating the world.

At GRD WORLD SCHOOL, our focus is on educating the whole child while focusing on each child’s unique talent and differences. My opinion says ” The intensity of progress the world over today has made it essential for students to foster talent and skill sets which are effective across diverse cultures. We are surviving in a competitive era, where conditions for survival are very critical and it demands for a complete personality and very strong will power. At GRD WORLD SCHOOL, we are imparting the same qualities in our young minds. I believe in Darwin’s theory that states SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST, GRD stands for “Knowledge, Academe, Inspiration and Spirit” the four pillars in our world of learning. We believe that education is more than rote memorization and taking notes.

GRD WORLD SCHOOL, where talent of every child is nurtured in a natural way, provided with all essential modern facilities which make learning a joyful experience rather than burden. Continues evaluation of every child is a important part of our curriculum which brings desirable changes in him.

We are highly thankful to our teachers, who are cooperating us in our mission because to ignite a lamp of knowledge, we can never ignore the importance of wick and fuel. My best wishes on behalf of GRD INATITUTE OF MANAGEMENT & TECHNOLOGY, GRD INSTITUTE OF PHARMACY , GRD POLYTECHNIC , GRD ACADEMY,NIRANJANPUR, GRD ACADEMY, LUDHIANA for a successful and everlasting journey of GRD WORLD SCHOOL, BHAUWALA, DEHRADUN.

Mr. Sardar Raja Singh