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Assessment & Final Results

Examination & Promotion

Promotion of students to the next higher class of the end of the academic year is governed by a continuous and comprehensive evaluation system. This system is intended to provide a holistic profile of the learners through assessment of both scholastic and non-scholastic aspects of education spread the total span of instructional time in an academic year .the cumulative progress report at the session shall reflect weight age as per the following pattern…

Class I-X
Evaluation 1 Fa 1 (April-May) 10%    
Evaluation 2 Fa 2(July-Aug) 10% Term 1  
Evaluation 3 Sa 1(Sep) 30%   The entire academic year is divided into two terms i & ii
Evaluation 4 Fa3(Oct-Nov) 10% Term 2  
Evaluation 5 Fa4(Dec-Jan) 10%    
Evaluation 6 Sa4(March) 30%    
Reporting student’s achievement
The grade in the scholastic are will stand for the following distribution of marks The grades in the co-scholastic area will be according to the table mentioned below
Grade Comment Percentage Grade Grade points
A* Outstanding 90%-100% A* 4.1-5.0
A Excellent 75%-89% A 3.1-4.0
B Very good 56%-74% B 2.1-3.0
C Good 35%-55% C 1.1-2.0
D Scope for Improvement Below 35% D 0-1.0
Class VI-X
Grade Grade points Grade Points
A1 91-100 10.0
A2 81-90 9.0
B1 71-80 8.0
B2 61-70 7.0
C1 51-60 6.0
C2 41-50 5.0
D 33-40 4.0
E1 21-32
E2 20 and Below
CO-scholastic Area Grading On 5 Points Scale  
Grade* Grade Points
A 4.1-5.0
B 3.1-4.0
C 2.1-3.0
D 1.1-2.0

For promotion to next class

  • Student must obtain qualifying grade (Minimum grade D) In all Subject s under scholastic domain Minimum qualifying grade in co-scholastic domain in D.
  • Minimum of 75% attendance is required for promotion to next higher class as per board guidelines a student of class XI should score Minimum Of 33% Marks in each Subject For Promotion To class XII
  • CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average )Will be provided Excluding additional 6th subject as per scheme of students
  • An indicative equivalence of grade point and percentage of marks can be computed of follows :
  • Subject wise indicative percentage of marks =9.5*GP of the subject Overall indicative percentage of marks =9.5*CGPA