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About GRD

Dehradun, is working under the aegis of GURU RAM DAS EDUCATIONAL TRUST, it is one of best the educational institute in Dehradun. GRD INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY & MANAGEMENT, GRD POLYTECHNIC, GRD INSTITUTE OF PHARMACY, GRD ACADEMY - NIRANJANPUR, GRD ACADEMY - LUDHIANA are the other reputed institutions of G.R.D. EDUCATIONAL TRUST, who are not only our guiding source but also provide ample opportunities to our students in their higher professional studies. Because GRD is a tradition of high moral values, which is introduced in early learning age and remains continue till the climax of learning. No doubt that professionalism is an important part of any education. Students, who take admission at GRD WORLD SCHOOL, are insured for their quality higher studies.

GRD World School is well committed for world class education with Indian ideas , rich Indian heritage and Indian culture , where innate qualities of child are once explored, nurtured and then they flourish naturally. GRD impart training for a long journey of learning process.

GRD’S Vision

We are working together to provide a stimulating learning environment in which the team of highly-trained staff provide quality teaching in well-resourced building to address the special needs of our pupils in partnership with parents and the community.

Diverse extracurricular activities will promote self-study skills and enriching leisure pursuits. A range of accredited courses will boost learning opportunities and raise achievements in a caring ethos which nurtures positive relationships and fosters the growth of responsible behaviour. Our INCLUSION PROJECT will forge strong links with mainstream schools so that pupils are successfully re-integrated on a full or part-time basis, according to their individual needs.

We shall be acknowledged as an excellent school enhanced with the careers service, we shall offer a spectrum of preparatory experiences in colleges of future education and the workplace to unskilled our students.

We the staff, parents and management aim to encourage each and every child in all aspects of learning by –

  • Working together as a team.
  • Providing a balanced curriculum.
  • Ensuring smooth progression through the key stage.
  • Catering for all abilities.
  • Promoting curiosity and enthusiasm.
  • Encouraging independence and confidence.
  • Promoting logical and creative thinking.
  • Encouraging respect for others and personal self-esteem.
  • Within an environment which is caring , stimulating and challenging.
GRD’S Mission Statement

he staff will strive to educate the whole child so that he/she develops mentally, physically, emotionally, and socially.

Education is the science of teaching and learning. Every student differs and must be challenged to work to his/her greatest capacity.

Each student will be regarded as a separate and important individual and will be made to feel that he/she is progressing.

Students will be given varieties of valuable learning experience. They will be given the opportunity to grow at their own rate and in their own individual way. They will be guided firmly, but with kindness and impartiality.

Activities will be provided that develop skills which enable each student to achieve scholastically to his/her greatest potential and to provide an opportunity for each student to use his/her special talents.

There is no single, correct answer for teaching, because everyone has a variety of talents, capabilities, and potentialities.

Far too much emphasis is being placed on preparing students for subsequent schooling and far too little recognition is being given to the role of the school in preparing students for citizenship and employment. We will encourage each child to live and succeed in today’s society.

Successful education occurs when both parents and the school accept the responsibility of helping each child to reach constructive maturity to best prepare the child for the continuing educational experiences which lie ahead.


Integrate technology to enhance learning

Enhance the home/school/community involvement

Improve academic achievement


Increase student technology awareness and competency.

Improve staff and student training.

Enhance communication to and feedback from the community.

Provide programs relevant to the needs and interests of the Indian community.

Increase utilization of community volunteers as curriculum and instructional support.

Identify the needs of the school community to improve school climate.

Improve staff skills in the Home/School/Community arena.

Strategic Plan

We adopt teacher stress reduction practices and policies so service providers are ready to give fully to their mission, the individual child.

We meet the social, emotional and developmental needs of students so they are ready to learn.

We endeavor to create an atmosphere of warmth and understanding.

We provide experiences for students which build the real work world skills required for the future.

We develop and utilize assessment practices stressing performance.

We adopt instructional strategies that promote holistic experiences to engage students in the internalization of skills.

We utilize all resources to promote student potential development.